Five Reasons Managers Schedule Stormwater Service in Fourth Quarter

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental
Seventy1 Environmental
A stormwater filtration insert

It’s hard to believe it’s already fourth quarter! Halloween is fast approaching and before we know it, we’ll be eating, drinking and being merry. Tis the season that is fourth quarter. As many of you are wrapping up your 2018 budgets and beginning preparations for closing out this year, we’d like to take a moment to outline five reasons Property Managers and Facilities Managers schedule stormwater service during fourth quarter:

1. They know the impact of falling leaves and debris on storm drains.

Fall leaves on storm drain
storm drain catch basin
san diego storm drain

Fall is here! Leaves and debris from trees collect near and inside storm drains. Not only can this impact the flow of water off of your property, it also poses a threat downstream. Excess nutrients are harmful to marine life. A fourth quarter service of your storm drain catch basins is a good way to prevent backups and keep aquatic plants and animals happy and healthy.

2. They are prepping their storm drains for the rainy season.

Backup in the storm drain
Loading dock backup
stormwater runoff

October is the official start of the Rainy Season in Southern California. It’s true that it does not rain much in this part of the country. However, this is the very reason why we see backups and flooding when it does rain. During the dry season, trash and debris collect in the storm drain catch basins. As soon as water hits the pavement, more trash and debris is washed from the roads and parking lots into the storm drains.

Many managers schedule stormwater service at this time of year to prepare their drains for the season ahead.

3. Their property’s system has not been serviced this year.

Filtration insert at capacity
Insert in need of cleanout

If your property has a stormwater filtration system, you’re required to maintain it every year. Maintenance is verified during the city’s Annual Maintenance Verification process.

In addition to satisfying city requirements, maintenance also prevents backups and odors. Filtration devices are designed to capture pollution flowing from the street level and overtime, it builds up. Without regular removal and cleanout of the trash, sediment and debris, it can actually become an obstruction in the storm drain.

4. They received a Stormwater Deficiency Notice from the City.

Damaged Insert - Deficiency

Deficiency Notices can happen for a variety of reasons: damaged devices, poorly maintained system, excess debris, spent filter media, etc. Sometimes the City Inspector visits a property a month or two after maintenance service has taken place and the system has already collected a good amount of pollution that the inspector notes it needs another service. Whatever the reason, we often handle Deficiency Notices during this last quarter of the year.

5. They have room in their budget for extra property services and improvements.

storm drain catch basin
stormwater vault san diego
Filterra and trash/litter

Stormwater systems often go unnoticed because they are underground and out of sight, however it’s an important part of your property. Once rainwater hits your property, it has to flow somewhere. Managing and maintaining the system so that water flows where it should will save you a lot of stress should a large storm event hit.

In addition, a stormwater filtration system plays a significant role in preventing pollution from reaching local waterways. Some managers of older properties that are not required to have stormwater filtration systems actually elect to install filtration devices on their storm drains as a way to “green” their property. We’ve seen several managers use leftover funds from their budget for this property improvement expense during fourth quarter.