Budget Season is Here

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

Budget season has arrived for all you property and facilities managers, and we are well aware that stormwater system maintenance is not as glamorous as landscaping, painting or lighting retrofits. But just because the stormwater system is under ground and out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind.

In fact, stormwater system maintenance is just as important as any other item in your budget, especially if your property is outfitted with stormwater filtration units, also known as Best Management Practices (BMPs). Regular proper maintenance is not only critical for the condition of your stormwater BMPs, it’s also required by the city. And if that is not enough, it directly benefits the quality of our waterways.

We’ve updated our official guide for budgeting stormwater system maintenance so you can confidently and easily tackle this category in your 2019 budget. Get it now.