Contech Engineered Solutions Certifies Seventy1 Environmental

November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

Our Field Manager Christian Ortiz is the type of person that likes to do everything the right way. He’s a bit of a perfectionist in his work and he takes a lot of pride in everything he does.

“If you want to know the proper way to maintain a product, it makes the most sense to learn directly from the designer and manufacturer of that product,” Christian says.

Whether its maintenance of our health, the house and vehicle, or the vacuum cleaner, we can probably agree that maintenance is going to prolong the life and enhance the functionality of any system. The same logic applies to stormwater filtration products. Without proper maintenance, the system is not going to properly function.

Over the summer, Christian and Jesse made the trip up to Anaheim Hills to attend a training event conducted by Contech Engineered Solutions, a manufacturer of many of the stormwater management products we see regularly in Southern California. Contech understands the importance of proper maintenance of their stormwater product line, which is why they offer training to those companies who provide maintenance service of their products.

Alongside a couple of other stormwater service vendors from the Southern California area, Christian and Jesse learned in more detail how to properly maintain Contech’s line of stormwater management products. We are proud to now be a Factory Certified Maintenance Provider for Contech’s filtration products, ranging from the CDS and Filterra system to its latest, the JellyfishFilter.

Christian likes having this certification from Contech. “I feel more confident about what I am doing in the field because I know I am caring for these systems the way they should be cared for.”