CreativeLive, Tara Gentile & Growth Styles™

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

I recently took part in my first CreativeLive class. The full day workshop on goal-setting and planning was led by Tara Gentile, and it could not have been more appropriate content for where we are at Seventy1 right now. Things are changing, our company is growing, and it’s a very important time to be clear, strategic and deliberate. It’s critical that we clearly state the direction we are headed as a company and layout how we are going to get there. This class was really helpful and brought up some interesting points on values, direction and growth.

One of the more interesting take-aways, I thought, was the concept of what Tara has coined “growth styles.” It’s the idea that we should focus on one specific point of leverage to grow our business, and our growth style dictates what that leverage should be. (I think this idea can be applied not only to business growth, but also to professional growth in our personal careers.)

There are eight growth styles, each with its own point of leverage. For example, I am the Exploration Growth Style, which utilizes the power of curiosity to grow. Pat, on the other hand, is the Bespoke Growth Style, which uses the power of process. This explains why he is so great at project management. I’d say curiosity and process have both been driving forces in the history of Seventy1. This topic of growth styles is going to be an important one during our quarterly meeting later this month.

Which growth style do you most align with?