Damaged or at-capacity stormwater systems impact your property budget & municipal compliance.

Damaged filtration inserts from heavy rain, mud and sediment no longer filter stormwater and are incompliant, which requires replacement. Stormwater vaults at capacity with standing water and mud need immediate service. Obstructed storm drain inlets restrict the flow of water, potentially resulting in flooding.

Find out how El Nino is impacting

your property’s stormwater system.

Stay compliant with the city. Budget any necessary repairs or replacements.

Ensure your property is ready for the next round of rain. 

$195 El Niño Stormwater Inspection

Inspection includes detailed report, color photos, info on the condition of each stormwater unit, including blockages, sediment buildup and damage, notation of potential hazards / areas of concern, recommendations for landscapers, suggestions for sandbagging, erosion control, debris removal, overall assessment of property preparation for large rain events

*Pricing subject to change based on property location. Excludes roof drain inspection, which can be added for an additional $100. Inspection does not guarantee flood prevention.

El Niño Stormwater Property Checklist

for commercial + residential properties

We have put together a comprehensive checklist for inspecting your property’s stormwater system.