How Often Does your Property Need Stormwater System Maintenance?

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

Property Managers and Building Engineers often ask us how many times per year their property’s stormwater BMPs need to be serviced. The answer? It depends. There are a variety of factors that influence the frequency of maintenance needed at your property.


All stormwater BMPs need to be inspected at least once per year. This is the bare minimum. Beyond that, it really depends on the type of BMPs at your property. BMPs work to filter stormwater runoff as it exits the property through the stormwater system, and each type does it a little differently.

Stormwater filtration insert
Inside a storm drain

 Filtration inserts installed on grate inlets and curb inlets capture trash and debris as it enters the storm drain. They typically need two to four maintenance services per year.

Filtration Vault
Filtration Vault

Filtration vaults are large underground systems that capture pollution as it flows from the storm drains, and these typically need service one to two times per year.

There are a variety of BMP types and each ones requires a different frequency of service to keep it functioning properly.


Site conditions play a large role in how often a property’s stormwater BMPs need service. Remember that maintenance is removing the buildup of pollutants like trash, litter, debris and sediment from these devices. The amount of pollutants impacts how often service is needed.

For example, heavily trafficked properties like shopping malls and retail centers generate a lot of litter and therefore require more frequent service. Properties with lots of trees and vegetation typically require more service as well. Vacant properties that don’t have a lot of sediment, debris or litter can get by with fewer services.


Each City sends out Annual Maintenance Verification forms every year asking you to verify that service is taking place at your property. The general rule of thumb is that the property should be maintained enough times throughout the year so that the stormwater filtration system is functioning properly, meaning it is filtering runoff.

Your stormwater vendor should provide you with recommendations for the ideal maintenance frequency to keep your property’s system functioning properly and compliant with the city. We are always happy to provide a complimentary Stormwater System Assessment for your property.