October: The Perfect Time for Proactive Organization

November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

By now the number of tourists that flock to San Diego’s beaches all summer long are dwindling down. The kids have returned to school and that famous coffee company has been promoting their pumpkin spice latte for a couple weeks now. Yes, autumn is here indeed.

There is something about fall that leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired, yet relaxed and content. It’s a time of year a time when the hype of summer adventures simmers down into the bubbly warmth of fading daylight and cozy nights at home. While the onset of summer is brimming with possibility and adventure and unknown, autumn brings with it a familiarity of sorts; it’s a season of tradition, family, friends and food.

The anticipation of the holidays and the closing of the year drives me to get organized and prepared for all that is to come in both work and at home. I know there will be a lot of baking in my house in the coming months, and I’m stocking up on flours and sugars and recipes now.

The next few months will be eventful in the Seventy1 office as well. Right now, our focus is on improving our current day-to-day operations, streamlining and getting organized so that we are able to effectively close out 2014 come December.

Many of the property managers we work with will be spending this final quarter closing out work orders, paying off invoices, setting up contracts for 2015 and tackling reconciliations and budgets.

Maintaining a balanced work flow and proactively organizing can make a big difference once December arrives. So go grab your favorite fall beverage and get excited that fall is upon us!