Reflecting on Six Years

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

This January, I celebrate my six year anniversary at Seventy1.

It was late 2010 when I was pitched an idea that sounded interesting. Essentially I was asked to help turn what was a growing side project into a business. I was shown the potential, and then asked to help make something of it. There was no game plan, just a blank playbook that I could help make up as we went. For me, this is the sweet spot, where I thrive.

I was offered complete creative control in the areas of website, business systems, marketing, sales, branding and culture, mission and values. I started at nine hours per week, which quickly grew into a full time job. I wore many hats, as people in small businesses do, and I had to learn many things. I made prospect calls, set up our CRM system and our cloud server, sent invoices, scheduled jobs, walked properties, visited managers, researched stormwater everything, prepared service reports, designed our website, shadowed the guys in the field, printed our fliers, attended conferences, started our social media, coordinated webinars and on and on. On top of the fact that I was learning how to build a business, I was working in a growing industry that directly benefits the environment, namely water quality. Cha-ching.

As my interest and excitement grew, so did my realization of the potential of this opportunity. And I am absolutely motivated by potential. I’m also motivated by freedom. From the very beginning, I have been offered the chance at both.

My work then was ultimately the same as it is now. To make something of the ingredients before me. To see the potential and go after it hungrily. To envision the next phase and work strategically to get there. To build. To grow. To create something meaningful and important and worthy. To try my best.

My motto has always been “this is what we make of it,” and it’s true of business just as much as it is of life. I am very fortunate to, first, have been given this opportunity, and secondly, the right mind to see it as such. The people I get to work with and the company-wide understanding that anything is possible keeps me coming back for more each and every day, year after year.

I am beyond grateful to all of those who support our mission, our vision, our business and our dreams. Thank you for the last six years!