Every time it rains, water washes everything off of paved surfaces and down into the storm drain, including harmful pollutants. The stormwater system flows directly to our waterways. Unlike the sewer system, stormwater is not treated before it reaches the waters where we surf, swim and fish.

StormwaterAware is an environmental awareness campaign designed to promote community understanding of the stormwater system in southern California. There is a long way to go in improving water quality, but the first step is community-wide understanding of the role storm drains play.

What is stormwater?

Together we can make a difference in water quality.

At Home

  • Keep trash area clean with trash lids closed.

  • Wash your vehicle at a car wash facility.

  • Check vehicle for oil leaks and use a drip pan if needed.

  • Reduce or limit use of fertilizers.

  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of hosing.

  • Restrict the use of hazardous pesticides.

  • Create a rain garden to reduce runoff.

  • Check that sprinklers are not watering streets, sidewalks or driveways. 

  • Clean paint brushes in the sink and not outside

At Work

  • Inspect dumpster area to check for leaks.

  • Ensure smoking areas include a receptacle for cigarettes.

  • Find out if the property has a stormwater filtration system.

  • Pick up litter.

  • Report sprinkler leaks.

  • Pass stormwater knowedge on to coworkers.

In the Community

  • Pick up pet waste.

  • Don’t litter. Pick up litter when you see it.

  • Dispose of cigarette butts properly.

  • Attend community cleanup events.

  • Pass on your knowledge of the stormwater system to friends and family.

  • Show others how they can be #stormwateraware by posting to social media.

Are you #stormwateraware?