Two Years Ago this Month…

November 21, 2020
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November 21, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

This month marks the two year anniversary since we changed our name from Clearwater Storm Drain Services to Seventy1 Environmental. It was March 18, 2014 to be exact, and though that day was very important for us, the anniversary this year almost completely passed me by.

I was actually flipping through photos to use in our Lunch and Learn presentation when I came across some pictures we had taken on Seventy1 launch day. There aren’t many, and I wish there were photos of the champagne we popped as soon as we went live with our new website and hit send on our notification emails to all of our contacts.

I was nervous to be finally revealing our brand makeover that I personally had been working on for months, and this photo with the upside down sticker made me remember the excited nerves I had that morning.

Jesse came with her super cute and perfectly matching heels to celebrate, and thankfully she and Christian were happy to model our new shirts in front of our new stormwater sign.

Lauching Seventy1 Environmental was more than just a name change; it was a step to the next level of our business and our lives. We are now servicing over 180 properties in more than 30 cities across Southern California. To see where we are now, two years later, leaves me feeling a huge sense of gratitude for our clients, our team, the work we get to do and the type of organization we are building.

Thank you to everyone that has made all of this possible!