Vendor Experience: Contract Processing & DocuSign

November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020 Seventy1 Environmental

As part of our Vendor Experience blog series, we are talking about our experience as stormwater vendors in the property management industry.

We work with quite a few management companies (83 to be exact), and every one of these companies has their own system for contracts.

To authorize our company to proceed with service, some of you only need to sign our proposal while others of you require notarized signatures on detailed 8-page contracts. Others just say “agreed” or “please proceed” in an email reply.

Some documents are called Service Agreements and some are called Contracts. Some must be mailed and others are faxed, but most are sent as attachments via email. There is also Docusign.

We became familiar with docusign in late 2015 when one of our portfolio clients started using it to manage the contract process for the 16 of their properties that we service. We are always interested in using software to streamline our business’ operations, and it has been cool to see what other companies are choosing to streamline theirs.

From the vendor perspective, Docusign really gets the ball rolling with new client services and it speeds up the process of contract renewals each year for existing clients. So we like it! Quick and easy.

I asked Jesse and Pat what they think of Docusign.

“I like it from my end. Really easy to use,” says Pat.

Jesse agrees. “It’s easy to use and it saves paper.”

What type of contract systems does your company use, and how can vendors make the service agreement process easier for you?

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