TCBMP Maintenance Verification

Without BMP maintenance, your property is not compliant within the city’s stormwater requirements.

Every year, cities verify that the stormwater filtration systems on commercial and residential properties are being properly maintained through their TCBMP maintenance verification process.

Annual TCBMP Maintenance Verification forms are mailed out to property managers, who must complete the forms and return by the given deadline, verifying that regular maintenance of their stormwater BMPs has taken place.

Though the verification process is essentially the same, each city does things a bit differently. Forms look different and deadlines vary. The most important thing is that you are having your stormwater BMPs serviced on a regular basis so that they are functioning properly.

2022 Stormwater Compliance Checklist

BMP Maintenance Verification Prep


Make sure your stormwater BMPs have been regularly serviced within the last year.

Check your records. Some cities will want the dates and details of services performed in the last year.

Frequency of services depend on the type of BMP.

Plan at least a month ahead! If service hasn’t taken place, now is the time to reach out and schedule before the deadline.


Schedule any necessary repairs or replacements ASAP.

City inspectors visit properties during the dry season and will note any damages or problems on a Deficiency Notice.

Now is the time to act! If you have any outstanding repairs or deficiencies, our team here at Seventy1 Environmental will be happy to assist.


Complete and return your BMP Maintenance Verification form to the city before the deadline.

If you’re handling your paperwork yourself, be sure to submit the form before it is due. 

For Seventy1 clients, we always offer to handle your BMP paperwork at no additional charge. Feel free to send your forms directly to us and we will take care of the rest!

Need more assistance with compliance?
We have already helped hundreds of managers satisfy the
BMP maintenance requirements on their commercial and residential properties.

We can assist in implementing a customized BMP Maintenance Program to ensure your property’s stormwater system is compliant with city requirements without weighing down your budget.