We ensure compliance for all types of stormwater management products through inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement.

Service Lines

Stormwater Vaults

Centralized filtration units such as Stormceptor, Jellyfish Filters, Vortex Separators and CDS Units, which require period testing and maintenance.

Filtration Inserts

AKA storm drain filters–which capture pollutants within individual storm drain inlets. Regular cleaning prevents debris from blocking downstream pipes.

Storm Drain Inlets

Intended to collect surface run-off and flow into the storm drain system. Regular cleaning reduces pollution and prevents blockages. 

Biowales/Rock Swales

Landscaping features that slow runoff velocity and capture pollutants while recharging the underlying groundwater table. Maintenance ensures these features remain functional.

Detention Basins

Surface storage basins or facilities that protect against flooding and, in some cases, downstream erosion by storing water.

Filterra Bioretention Units

Planter boxes that serve as stormwater inlets and contain natural filtration media that must be maintained and replaced on a regular basis. 

Downspouts & Roof Drains

A crucial element of your property’s stormwater conveyance system, proper maintenance of roof drains and downspouts ensures the removal of pollutants and reduces risk of roof leaks.

Hydro Jetting

Our team specializes in the removal of downstream blockages within your property’s stormwater system including pipe bursting and replacement when needed.

TCBMP Maintenance

We’re a leader in maintaining stormwater management best practices, ensuring annual compliance, individualized maintenance plans and city reporting for each property we service.

Need service? We've got you covered.

We will do a complimentary site inspection and provide a customized service plan with competitive pricing.

We Make It Easy

Without BMP maintenance, your property is not compliant with city stormwater requirements.

The best way to ensure compliance is to implement a regular service plan. We ensure our clients success in compliance while minimizing costs.

A regular service plan typically features a customized scope for your property including inspections, as-needed service, the completion and submission of city provided annual maintenance verification forms, and recommendations for repairs.

Seventy1 Environmental provides complete, affordable service plans specific to your property needs and city compliance requirements.

Inspections & Reports

Our services include annual inspections and cleanings that help prevent costly fines.

Scheduling regular inspections benefits your storm water systems and ensures they are operating at optimal efficiency.

After each service, our clients receive a detailed service report in their inbox. Our service report includes color photos from the job site, details of the service activity, write-up of service needs and an overview of the unit condition.

This detailed information helps you prepare, budget, schedule and implement a regular service plan over the course of a year, which is a more budget-friendly approach than corrective services.

Seventy1 Stormwater System Service Report

All Seventy1 Environmental service visits will conclude with a full detailed report, consisting of 4 main parts that are consistent with city and county regulations.

1 | Color Photos

Complete set of photos from the job site.

2 | Service Activity

Detailed list of services provided and locations on site.

3 | Service Needs

Recommendations for ongoing maintenance services.

4 | Unit Condition

Overview and assessment of current site status.

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